Maxi P60

Maxi P60

Maxi hanging and stackable bins are the market leader in open fronted containers.

The inherent strength of the Maxi bin comes from the robust design using the best quality polypropylene materials. Maxi bins are most commonly hung on louvred panels, but their unique interlocking design enables them to be stacked securely without the bin splaying under load. This makes them perfect for incorporating within your shelving system or on a bench top. Maxi bins are available in seven sizes and five colours. Coloured bins also provide the opportunity for colour coding by product group.

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  • Three front to back divider slots
  • Smooth internal features with curved edges making bins easy to clean and provides quick and easy product picking
  • Unique rear recessed holding grip
  • Deep rear lip to facilitate bin hanging on louvred panel
  • Uniquely moulded top rim to ensure secure stacking
  • Reinforced moulding provides stacking strength
  • Wide base moulding to stack securely
  • Wide identification label
  • Made from high strength polypropylene that resists discolouration from oil and grease
  • Lifetime Warranty - Conditions apply

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